Stop Hustling Backwards with Rialto.

Building a business is hard. Common challenges entrepreneurs face are isolation, information overload, impostor syndrome, and emotional rollercoasters. In addition to these, Minority and Women Entrepreneurs face underfunding & underrepresentation.

Rialto provides Minority and Women Entrepreneurs with data-driven recommendations to find the networks, tools, and resources they need to grow and scale their business.

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    Build Community

    Once you join Rialto, you're a member of the MINWO Neighborhood. Friends and family may not understand the life of an entrepreneur, but your Neighbors do! Business is not meant to be done alone, so lean on the community to move your business's growth to the fast lane.

    Pool Resources

    Missing out on all the pitch competitions? Or maybe you're in desperate need of a social media consultant. Each Neighborhood is designed to make finding business resources (templates, videos, podcasts), services, mentors, and events painless.

    Connect Networks

    Are you currently managing a business community (e.g. incubator, VC, CDFI)? Create your own Neighborhood on Rialto to:

    1) Enable Entrepreneurs of Color to easily find and join your organization

    2) Highlight and empower hidden gems within your community's network and

    3) Diversify your organization's pipeline.